DDial! From a PhillyChick's perspective.

So, yeah, I was a teenage ddialer. Being from Philly, I was very avid on most of the local ddials (Philly Chat, Savage Frontier, Active Imagination, Improbability Factor.. you know.) and even on some of the New York ones for a summer or two when I got really bored. My handle was Carmen from November 1988 until around June 1993. Now it isn't. Most often you'll see me going around as "diophantine", or "Janthina" on the infrequent occasions that I use IRC.

I left Philly ddial in the summer of 1994 to go to college, which is why all of the pictures and references on this page will be from times before then, from the days when I used to plan the Philly picnics and took tons of pictures. So if you're wondering who these people are, that's your problem. :)

Now you know a little bit about me, and now you know a little bit about the perspective of this page. There'll be more here eventually.. right now there's just a few pictures and links. Since ENT added me to his ddial page, I've been told I should do something with this page. So.. I'm going to scan in more pictures, and I'm also putting together a list of homepages of old philly and some other ddialers.. If you happen to know any, tell me, okay?

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