DDialers have evolved from 300 baud modemers to full-fledged net surfers. Some of them even managed to figure out how to create their own web pages. If you are a former or present DDialer, and you wish your home page or email address included below, please fill out this form.

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Last Update: 12/02/2002

From the New York Area: From The New Jersey Area
    Flashtalk's Kilroy
    Frankly Speaking (SuperCo), Attic Static (SuperCo), FlashTalk(Co), Signs (Co), Conversi-Dial, Interchat, Oreo Connection, OOTB, TGB, Hotel Houston (SuperCo), Mag-Vis, Hotel California, LA Chat, Chit-Chat, Shore Thing, Crazy Castle, Magic Kingdom and The Jungle's (!!!) Rat, Ratphun, 00A Who frankly says "Yea I ddialed a lot.. Deal with it!"
    Co-Owner of Beyond Reality MindBender, The Thief
    Attic Static, Flash Talk, Beyond Reality, InterChat, and First Amendment's Time Lord #042 Who used to cut classes to ddial from the school payphone with his TRS-80 Model 100!
    Beyond Reality, WeenieChat, FlashTalk, "and the ddial Karl ran" --*Silverstreak, --*Rob Austin, --*Rob
    FlashTalk's PhaxXx
    Flashtalk's Lizard Lady
    Flash-Talk, Frankly Speaking, T he Jungle's HotRod, Den
    Flash-Talk, Attic Static, Crazy Castle, and The Jungle's Porky, Porkster, other derivatives of 'Pork'
    Frankly Speaking and The Jungle's seTh
From The Philadelphia Area From The Chicago Area From Texas From Connecticut

Email-only links for ddialers without web pages

    Sofia System's (ddial #39) Rogue Flame
    Sysop of Sax's Place (DDial #56) and user of LA D-Dial Sax Man
    Paradise, Electric Paradise, God's Country, Utopia, FarSide, Point Zer0 and Tangled Web's Egyptian Emperor From Chicago
    Operator of DDial #7, Dark Side of The Moon (previously First Amendement) Paul A.
    First Amendement, White House, Philly Chat and Bay Cafe's JaPpY JeN & JeRsEy JeN
    TGB, Islechat and OOTB, and Joe's DELL-icious who now seems to hate ddials.
    TGB and Joe's Hoss
    Sysop of Sanitarium (ddial #66) dragon
    Joe's SpeakEz, TGB and Sanitarium's -=*>Angel!<*=-
    ENChat, OOTB and Wasteland's Shim ...and many variations thereof
    Flash-talk's Flash
    RMAC and Forum's (Dallas/Ft. Worth from 86-90) -The Capt.-, Captain Crimson, Crimson #036
    Detroit #1, Cat House #69 and RMAC #34's Ariel
    Three Ring Circuit (#9), and Tri-Con's Starfire who owns a company named after his handle :)
    God's Country, Point Zero, and all other Chicago-area ddials' Hose (WACP) and Host (SACSA)
    Point Zero's Whiz Kid Who misses all of you Point Zer0er's
    Boston's 5150's Gerard Who wants other 5150's to contact him
    RMAC's Silver
    Connecticut's Three Ring Circuit, Belgium, and Morocco's J.I.
    From FL and NY: TGB, IsleChat, Mere Illusion, Philly Chat, Savage Frontier, and many more(!).. The Purger, KDD Khelie
    From Texas, RMAC's Zeppo
    Of Illinois DDials 001, 002/a, and 666 Max Who witnessed Mr. Basham working on DDial in the workshop!
    Heaven Tonight and Tig's Tree Spectrum Looking for anyone who called these in the late 80's
    RMAC #34's Radical Randy

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