Here are some pictures of ddialers. Most of the pictures are from "ddial meets" which were a phenomenon of the 1980's which have since faded from its former glory.

Be prepared to be shocked and amazed, but please... adults only as some of these pictures may be disturbing to youngsters.

Last update: 8/6/00

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The author of Diversi-DIAL:

"It was the height of Reaganomics and we partied like animals..."
Circa 1987 at the Damage Inc. Halloween party (NY):

Circa 1987 at BTS' house (Queens, NY):

1988 (March 12, 1988) at Flushing Meadows (Queens, NY):

1988 (April 16, 1988 to be exact) at BTS' house (Queens, NY):

1988, (September 2-3rd) party at Flash's (NJ) house:

Late in the evening...

Morning has broken...

1988, party at Karl's house (Brooklyn, NY):

1988 or 1989, meet at Washington Square Park (NYC):

May 1992, TGB Brooklyn Bowling Meet:

January 4th, 1997, Another meet in the Village/Washington Square Park (NYC):

August 1998, Meet at Hooters (NYC)

A Mirror of Deanna's pictures
Deanna Rubin aka Carmen from Philly had a WEB Page containing photos she had taken at various Philly DDial Meets.

Miscellaneous pictures
Some of these pictures are not on my site and beyond my control

Of New York Area DDials

Of Philly DDials

Of New Jersey DDials

Of other areas, ENTchatters and Miscellaneous

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