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Welcome to the DDial online community. Diversi-Dial has been with us since the early 80's and is still alive and active today! From vintage systems to new modern remakes, the DDial community is active on several different platforms. This official homepage is the hub for all DDialers and STS'ers to come together as a community to share the past, DDial in the present, and take part in the future as DDial continues to evolve into the modern world. Read More

If you are new to DDial, you're just in time. Even though DDial is nearly 40 years old, new and exciting things are emerging in our community. Get caught up on what DDial is, then select an Active DDial below and get started; everyone is welcome within this community and we look forward to meeting you.

COTOSNET written by Que is a bridge for all DDials, STS and Hybrids allowing full chat communication between all unique systems. Just like in the past with Station Links, Cotosnet is creating this ability with any new Hyrbid system that comes online. There are currently 3 Users connected via Cotosnet. All active DDials below with the Icon are connected via Cotosnet for group chat.

Help support us... by simply logging in to one of the DDials below from time to time, Signup here as a member, Join our Facebook groups, and be sure to attend our Meetup's, even if just for a few minutes to say hello. Oh, and don't forget to sign the Guestbook as a member or a moe.


  July, 2023

A dash of Nostalgia The old F/AS\T Times Newsletters published by the NJ DDials: Attic Static, Flash Talk and Frankly Speaking
Vol 1. No. 1 Summer 1986
Vol 2. No. 1 Spring 1987
Vol 2. No. 2 Summer 1987

  May, 2023

Que has created some nostalgic magic! The all new RetroTerm, web accesible DDial connection to Carriersync with a retro look, feel and speed.. 300-1200 baud. Check it out at https://retroterm.carriersync.com

Chat GPT / OpenAI finds its way to Magviz. We have 8 different user profiles you can interact with. Thank you to those that helped fund the API to create an added layer of entertainment on Magviz.

  April, 2023

Carriersync has a new facelift plus fully updated information. For more details on Retro-Dial or if you want to own and operate your own DDial Station visit carriersync.com.

  March, 2023

One of our members, Tom Servo #179, has created their own chat system! You can connect within the top right panel on Magviz or go directly to Connect2400.com.

IRC is Connected on Magviz! I-R-wuuuh?! Ya you heard it, we have branched out and connected to the Internet Relay Chat. We have 2 types of connections taking place.

The first is a dedicated channel on the network irc.libera.chat:6667 #ddial which is connected to the Magviz main channel T1 and visible across the Cotosnet link. People can now search and find us on the IRC and be bridged right in. Users on the IRC will appear as line numbered guests with the ability to /p.

The second are 2 dedicated channels to specific groups on the IRC. Located in T2 are the Commodore64 Friends, and T3 the MRC BBS Slackers (a group of over 120 BBS's linked into chat). The MRC group can be very active and does a meetup every Friday at 3pm EST; a good group of people. These 2 channels log you in as an individual telnet conection with your username, unlike the mass proxy connection on T1. For optimal chatting, use the Subchannel panel to connect to these groups allowing you to have split chat windows.

  February, 2023

The history of GinsuTalk (GTALK) The fascintating history behind the birth of the most sophisticated chat platform from the 90's. Read More

Magviz DDial+ Upgrade During December and January the user interface for Magviz was being overhauled for a more modern take on ddial (desktop only). Now displaying three vertical columns with individual panels allowing for a richer experience (all enhancements are sizable and hideable allowing the end user to still choose a barebones interface if preferred). There is a new SubChannel panel allowing you to be on a second independent channel for games and chat, improved Help and Commands module, updaed Email and Font selector module, Plus on Channel T2 and T3 we have linked into the MRC and IRC for additional chatting with Retro BBS'ers and C64 fanatics. Login to Magviz DDial+

  January, 2023

The Jungle STS is Resurrected! Over 30 years ago The Jungle STS reigned supreme for the largest online Chat System in NJ, and now after much effort from the orignal owner, Marc has rebuilt the vintage Synergy Teleconferecing System offering 16 lines of connection. See below for ways to connect.

  November, 2022

ENTchat is Back! After nearly 20 years we have resurrected the first PC Clone DDial and it's fully linked up with Cotosnet. See below for ways to connect.

DIALterm v1.0 is online serving Carriersync, Digitaldial and ENTchat for Web and Mobile access. Simply click on the Web Access links and connect to any of these Telnet DDials on any device hassle free. Read more

  October, 2022

After 20 years we finally have a Facelift. We have made modern updates to the architecture while trying to maintain a look and feel that reflects some of that retro memory; a tricky feat, but we hope you enjoy the updates =) If you wish to send feedback or are interested in submitting page content, contact us.

During 2022 much has happened in the DDial community. We have seen a resurrgence of acitvity brought on by Magviz as well as the fulltime linking of telnet DDials brought to you by Cotosnet. It has been an exciting year to see so much acitivity and interest back online, and we look forward to what's next.


There are currently 6 platforms that are online and active, including original vintage systems, telnet systems, and web accessible systems. All plaforms with the Icon are permanently linked togther, which means logging into any one of them connects you with ALL of them for group chat.

Web DDial+ (web)

A modern new take on the original DDial, STS and GTalk platforms. Single click web access including mobile devices, Magviz offers a fresh approach while still keeping the classic barebones style available for the "old schoolers". Three multi player games, a BBS style discussion board, two integrated Retro IRC/MRC channels, a SubChannel panel and a whole host of new and fun commands.

There are currently 3 Users connected via Cotosnet
Retro Dial (telnet/web)

Retro-Dial is a telnet-accessable chat server based on the Diversi-Dial system created by Bill Basham in the early 1980's. The look and feel of Retro-Dial is almost exactly the same as D-Dial, as are many of the commands, although some command structures have been changed and some new functionality added. R-Dial is also completely link compatible with D-Dial.

Web Access: Click Here
There are currently 3 Users connected via Cotosnet
Retro Dial (telnet/web)

DigitalDial established in 2008, online 24/7 via telnet. Software RetroDial V1.5 Final installed on Raspberry-Pi. For more information visit the site. Been DDialin since 1987 and was a member of a few systems such as The Jungle, Interchat, FlashTalk, Central Control, and Savage Frontier. que is the guru cOder of the RetroDial project and so here we all are still in existent, imagine that!

Web Access: Click Here
There are currently 3 Users connected via Cotosnet
Original STS (telnet/web)
The Jungle!

The original Jungle STS by Marc. Vintage system rebuilt on an 80286, running on a DOS operating system and offering 16 lines of chat!

Web Access: Click Here
There are currently 3 Users connected via Cotosnet
Original Clone (telnet/web)

Original re-written DDial on Linux dating back to the late 90's.

Type entchat when prompted for "login"
Web Access: Click Here
Type /e000 for a Password (include email and ### you want)
There are currently 3 Users connected via Cotosnet
Original DDial (telnet)

An original DDial running on a vintage Apple || system, resurrected in 2006. Modern enhancements allow connections to be made via telnet directly with the original 300 baud modems. Get your Retro on today and connect into the only remaining original DDial.

Telnet: rmac.ddial.com


Interested in being a Sysop and running your own DDial? Now you can with Retro Dial; A full blown ddial system that you can run and operate on any 32-bit or 64-bit Linux system with a network connection. Setup is quick and easy plus lifetime upgrades & updates. Start yours today with the ability to link to any ddial including the Cotosnet bridge. Visit Carriersync.com for all the details or email que@carriersync.com.

  Thursday, Oct 12 @ 5PM PST / 8PM EST
  magviz.ca + Cotosnet Telnet Links
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  Sep 19, 2023
  Midnight Killer
  Hi Shawn, I think I wrote D-Dial around 1980, so I would have been 30 then. I had a friend at the time who was divorcing and was looking to meet new people. They had a few articles on people who me ... Read More

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Telnet requires a program to be installed on your computer. For Windows there is a native program that can be activated, there are several 3rd party progams you can download, and there are a few mobile apps you can install as well. Find out more

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  We must never forget that it is through our actions, words, and thoughts that we have a choice.
        - Sogyal Rinpoche

    DDial was a Tao in history that defined us, and even though we pioneered the social horizon we navigate today, the world got too big too fast swallowing it up to create bigger, better, faster, and never to be realized save the select few. [Winter]
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