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The Official DDial Homepage
The Official DDial Homepage


We are a generation dating back to the 60's and 70's (give or take). We were there when Atari, Apple, Commodore and many other systems were just beginning to emerge into households... when things were simple yet seemingly complex.

We were the Youth from the 80's that found DDial, and connected via our slow modems to find eacthother, creating a whole new universe mostly unknown to the world at the time. We were the "geeks" only because we had a computer and a modem; many of us were techy, and some just had a fancy new toy from their parents =) We were "diverse" to say the least.

DDIAL.COM is about re-connecting people from our past. After nearly 40 years DDIal has managed to remain in the shadows of the Internet. That is all changing now as we are resurrecting what should have evolved and what ultimately defined social media today.

This is a Community and our goal is to bring our past back to the present using old and new technologies together in one place. The bond of DDial & STS is strong; we are all family having shared a piece of history that can never be re-experienced as it was. Here, we are one; Here, we are accepted; and Here, we can band together once again across plaforms from the vintage to the modern and share our passion for DDial.

DDial is an elegant boutique. When the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) took over on the Internet making dial-up systems all but obsolete, it was in my opinion a Fabulous and Popular Failure (not in numbers, but rather what was lost for bigger and faster). The boutique concept of DDial did not endure. To this day chat systems fail to have that "Je Ne Sais Quoi" that made DDial so unique. The concept of Line Numbers as a result of modem slots and layered converastions of Public and Private messages threaded in one chat history, and the true Real-Time aspect of Message-in Message-out versus saved histories where others could partake having not been in the moment, all of which and more were never truly realized or appreciated.

The one thing we all have in common is our Love for DDial, and therefore we are all coming from a place of intention deep within our hearts. Had I known Bill Basham, I would have faught hard to convince him that his brilliant software could have grown with the world instead of silently fading away.

Everything we do here as a community is a tribute to Bill and to DDial and more importantly, to You.

Viva La DDial, and to the wonders people are doing to keep its flame shining bright. Thank you "Dialers" for the support you have shown over the last several months and the last 3+ decades; you are all appreciated.

  October 29, 2022
  Written by Winter #001
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  Jun 11, 2024
  0zZ-U #603
  Changing the world on a daily basis with GAS (Grep, Awk and Sed) From retro BBSing / IRC into retro DDial Owner of Mr. 0zZ-U's Bot Emporium <<there's a bot for that>> Read More

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  Anybody can make history. Only a great man can write it.
        - Oscar Wilde

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