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The Official DDial Homepage
The Official DDial Homepage


DIALterm was written as a proof of concept accessing telnet via the web. There are existing web telnet applications such as fTelnet.ca; however, these applications are iFrame embedded with unwanted framework draped around them. I was looking for something more reflective of a simple terminal program.

So the thought occured to me to create something similiar to Magviz with a basic chat history and text input using web sockets to Relay data back and forth from the server to the client via a telnet connection. Using nodeJS I created a very simple websocket module that spins up an independant telnet instance based on the subdomain connected. Connecting to carriersync.ddial.com, the applicaiton will read in the url and make a telnet connection to carriersync.ddial.com port 2300 as an example.

The client side interface is simple and quick loading, will auto-size itself to the browser window and is completely mobile friendly. With the subdomains being independant from one another, each interface is completey customizable to default styles and settings. IE. digitaldial.ddial.com uses an Amber Font with a trailing Block Cursor in the chat history. DIALterm also converts ANSI color to HTML for future use with STS.

Even though most people that telnet use their own preferred terminal, what makes this exciting is it opens the world to your telnet application for anyone, on any device, at the click of a hyperlink. One of the largest barriers to entry for Telnet is having to use a telnet terminal that people either have to download/install, do not understand, or choose not to understand.

Version 2.0 will contain settings to allow the end user to select Fonts including Color and Size. If you are interested in more information contact James.


Carriersync Web DIALterm Access
DigitalDial Web DIALterm Access
ENTchat Web DIALterm Access

Accessing DigitalDial Telnet via DIALterm web
  DIALTerm v1.0 was Built by James Quick
  On Sunday, October 30, 2022
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